Our Pipe Products

Spiral weld pipe is manufactured by a method of helical formation of the pipe complete with synchronous internal and external electric fusion-welding of the seam. The spiral pipe, which is produced continually from HOT ROLLED COIL, is cut to a pre-determined length by an automatic flying cutter as the manufactured spiral pipe comes out of the welding line from the formation table on to the pay-off table. The spiral pipes produced are inspected and tested under strict quality control methods before they are accepted for further coating or delivery.

The Spiral Pipe machine set up has a special feature in the movable coil jointing station which moves in tandem with the pipe forming speed for non-stop pipe forming and welding production.

The coil jointing operation such as coil loading, de-coiling, front end cutting and jointing to the preceding coil are all carried out on this movable station.

This has the obvious advantage of saving the stoppage time for coil jointing as in the case of conventional spiral pipe forming machine. The machine utilization time is improved whereby increasing the production output. The quality of the weld is also improved as the defect due to start-stop is reduced.

Another feature is the fixed coil feed in section while the pipe pay-off table is resting on support rollers for adjusting or swiveling to different pipe forming helix angle. The advantage of this set up is the stability of the coil feeding which will also lead to more stable pipe forming and welding.